FILM [film] ยท a thin flexible strip of plastic coasted with light sensitive emulsion for exposure in a camera, used to produce photographs.

I am completely in-love with the process of shooting film. I love the colors, the grain, and the small imperfections that I get with film. I love the anticipation of not being able to see a photo instantly after I take it (like I can when photographing with a digital camera). Working with film makes me much more aware as a photographer to take my time with every frame that I capture and it pushes me to become more relational and involved with my clients, always encouraging and waiting for those "real" moments to happen. I love that I invest financially in each image (because film is pretty costly) and that it takes time to get my film back from the lab. It is nice to have that separation from taking the photo and viewing the photo, because it creates a deep excitement for me as an artist when I finally get to view what we create together.

During your wedding day, I will always photograph both digitally and with film. Both formats have their "proper place" during a wedding event, and each image captured (whether digital or film) will be blended beautifully in the final presentation of your images. Portrait sessions are always photographed fully on film. *Please contact me for a full price sheet regarding wedding, engagement, family, or portrait sessions.


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